The Best Foot Bath You’ll Ever Try

Well, it’s happened again.  Just when I think I’ve come up with a novel idea for a product or procedure, I do a search online and some other smartie-pants has beat me to it.  In this case, it was a vinegar foot soak.  I know – putting “vinegar” and “foot” in the same phrase isn’t exactly appealing, but hey if it works, it works, and it works!  A couple weeks ago I was trying to remove some buildup on a crystal glass in a sink with some vinegar and noticed that my hands – still unhealed from the winter – were sooo smooth after about two minutes.  I made a mental note to use full strength vinegar as a foot soak the next time I gave myself a pedicure, which was this morning.

While I was letting my tootsies soak I searched online and found there were a number of sites advocating for the listerine-vinegar-water foot soak (so I can’t claim this as my invention!)  The one I read made sure to mention not to do it for too long or for too often.  I thought about my feet partially submerged in pickling solution…  Still, I let them sit there for about three minutes.  Then I used a pumice stone, washed them off, and gave a quick massage using cocoa butter.  MOVE OVER EXPENSIVE NAIL SALON this is a winner!  Five waking hours later my feet are still feeling phenomenal!  I’ll be filing this one away as a repeat since it:
a) is quick (doesn’t take a 15 minute soak – good for busy moms!)
b) is inexpensive
c) works and works really well

Surprisingly, I don’t recall a heavy vinegar scent.  Maybe it’s because my nose was generally about four feet away the majority of the time.  One lady tried it with oiled epsom salts, which isn’t recommended since the scent was overpowered by the vinegar.  I’ll probably try it with some salts next time and maybe mix in a little lavender oil with the moisturizer at the end.

If you give it a whirl I’d love to hear about your results!  Let me know if it made a notable difference from your regular routine or if you’d change anything.

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