Waking Up vs. Getting Going

Over the last week of attempts, fails, and wins I learned something that hadn’t ever really hit me.  If you’re trying to change a morning (or probably any) habit, be sure to narrow it down.  See, I was just saying in this general vague way, “I’m going to become a morning person”.  But “being a morning person” isn’t born of a single habit any more than being a good cook comes from knowing how to boil water.  There’s more to it.

Before implementing a new morning routine, I need to first make sure I can consistently get up at the same time each day.  See, up to now I’ve been putting the cart before the horse by trying to follow Hal Elrod’s formula for a miracle morning.  I will absolutely be returning to this but for now I’ll be skipping it.  My body is still getting accustomed to this new schedule that’s been imposed on it, and I still struggle when the alarm goes off.  When that’s no longer a major issue, then I will work on Step 2.

That being said, having a pedicure planned certainly helped!  Despite an episode of insomnia last night, I was able to get up in time to have about an hour to myself to gear up for another day of watching some very active children (what a blessing!)  If you’d like to hear about my new favorite pampering session head over to this post:
The Best Foot Bath You’ll Ever Try

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