Sleep, Diet, and Supplements

Happy Monday!  This weekend may not have been a riveting success in terms of waking up early, but we got plenty done in terms of sharing joy and happy times with the people we love – and that will always make for time well spent.

Instead of focusing on time tables and lists that I “had” to follow, this weekend everything was put on the back burner in lieu of quality time with our family.  It was a nice reminder that not only is it okay to ignore all the “shoulds” but sometimes, it’s downright healthy.

That being said, as an update to my mini-experiment, I have to admit, it’s not working as well as I’d hoped, and I’ve narrowed it down to three reasons:
1) Either the thing I set aside to spark some adrenaline needs to be more exciting OR
2) It needs to have a sense of urgency/happen right when I wake up AND
3) I still need to get to sleep early, which didn’t happen over the weekend, because, you know, it’s the weekend.

So I’m considering not even trying over the weekend, despite many gurus claiming you’ll get faster results if you don’t sabotage your habit by breaking it up every week.  I guess I still have five days to think about it.  It’s gotten a lot better and there’s been a noticeable drop in my stress levels since starting the morning experiment so I want to keep up as much momentum as I possibly can.  I also sleep deeper and have more energy.  That in turn has affected several aspects of my life, not the least of which are my family member’s lives.  Even if I haven’t yet put in the work needed for perfection, there’s been a marked improvement, and that means something.

Not in the spirit of a scientific experiment though, I also added another variable right around the time I started changing my routine that could have contributed to this upward spiral.  I started taking some supplements for hair, skin, and nails since no amount of calcium increase seemed to solve the problem of my fingernails splitting.  It’s not unreasonable to wonder if there was something going on chemically – perhaps I wasn’t synthesizing some nutrients, or wasn’t even getting them at all.  Does anyone have a similar experience?  The tablets are mostly Vitamins A and C, Biotin, Zinc, and Copper.  If the supplementary vitamins are aiding a better sleep cycle, what a happy accident!

I’ve also loosely been following the THM (Trim Healthy Mama) Diet, but that’s been going on for six months.  Loosely means I’ve more or less cut out sugar, bread, rice, and white potatoes from my diet, but I haven’t been separating my carbs and fats, so I mainly always end up eating crossovers.  Although I would like to shrink some of my lovely curves, my first purpose was to change my eating habits for the better – more veggies, fruits, protein, less sugar.

So I don’t know what it is, or if it is a combination of the factors mentioned above, but lately I’ve been feeling a lot more alive, and I’ll take it!  If you also have a hard time getting up in the morning and aren’t aware of any extenuating circumstances like sleep apnea, it might be worth the trip downtown to have a chat with your local pharmacist to see if he can recommend anything.  Pharmacists are well-educated and are happy to share their wealth of information for free!  Mine actually saved me money while I was expecting our first baby, even though he easily could have let me purchase some unnecessary supplements I’d requested.

If you’re interested in THM, I highly recommend checking them out here!  In serious weight-loss mode, the diet is basically Atkins most of the time with some carb-only meals sprinkled in about a third to a quarter of the time.  If you’re interested in HOW the dietary change actually affects your body, do yourself a favor and get their book.  I have never come across a better explanation of breakdowns of sugar in the body.  Plus, it’s loaded with tons of other useful information.  And no, I’m not getting paid to write that.  They probably don’t even know I exist – Ha!

If anyone has input regarding the effects of diets and vitamins on sleep cycles, message me below!  The more I get into this, the more I find it fascinating!  I’m like my own little free guinea pig!

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