Vodka Deodorant

Say wha-???

So a few days ago I mentioned that I was going to be trying out an idea of waking up to something special to help spur my morning on.  Though I’d be lying if I said it’s actually been working (I’m still struggling with getting up earlier), the good news is – the vodka-lavender deodorant is working – YAY!  Originally I was going to make it tomorrow, but then my pretty little spray bottles showed up in the mail and I just went ahead and made all the stuff I’d wanted to right then.

So how is it made?  Simply take one of those teeny little sample bottles of vodka and add about 15 drops of lavender essential oil, close it and shake.  Switch out the lid for a sprayer and voila!  You have a sweet-smelling deodorant that isn’t filled with aluminum!  I stole a sprayer from one of the mini bottles I’d ordered from Amazon but HINT: you can buy the sprayers separately and simply use them on the bottle you got from the liquor store!  They fit!

So how did it work?  Wow.  What an ABSOLUT surprise!  Literally!  I wasn’t expecting the highest results, but it held up well even after hauling two kids to the park and running around with them.  Granted, I wasn’t running a marathon in 98 degrees with 85% humidity, and no breeze, but I’m not even sure Speed Stick would hold up to that.  Could I use to reapply it?  Sure, if I wanted to re-mist myself with the sweet scent of lavender and feel fresh and clean all over again, but it’s not necessary.  If I remember, I’ll give another review after chasing kids at the park in midsummer.  That would be a real test of a deodorant’s worth.

In terms of kicking my day into high gear from the start, I can’t help but think that I’m on the verge of a breakthrough, mostly due to the fact that we’ve been pretty consistent with our evening routine lately.  Things just have to keep progressing right?

Anyone else have any fun unconventional uses for vodka and/or essential oils?  Tomorrow I’ll share my recipe for our DIY Mosquito Repellent.  Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Vodka Deodorant

  1. Ash says:

    So did it keep you from sweating like an antiperspirant or just keep you smelling fresh like a deodorant? I love this idea! Is there reasoning behind lavender or is that just your favorite scent? I love lavender but just Wondering if I could pick a different oil to use.


    • Gen says:

      Yes, you could absolutely use a different oil! I only used lavender because I’m still narrowing down which oils make the cut enough to bring into the home. I need them to multi-task, and I had lavender on hand since we use it for our baths, bug repellent, and pillow spray.

      As far as perspiration goes – yes, it will still be present. It’s actually something I’m trying to get used to because I’ve been an antiperspirant girl ever since my days of high school marching band. However, since sweating is the body’s way of ridding itself of toxins and cooling down, the extra moisture is something I’m willing to try living with. I’ve heard that after stopping antiperspirant use, the body will actually acclimate and will sweat less overall, because it’s not working overtime to get past the barrier. Only time in a hot summer will tell the truth on that one! At the end of the day, I feel that I’ll be a sold user as long as I can still fake it to everyone else that my natural scent is lavender!


    • Gen says:

      Haha! No! Honestly, the scent of alcohol is barely perceptible once it’s mixed with the oil. I did consider though, that if I ever wanted to bring it along on a hot summer day I would want to be careful not to set it in the console since I reused the original sample bottle of vodka! That would be a fun one to try and explain if you got pulled over!


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