Calling Out Your Inner Sloth

6:40 am came around this morning to see me back on the brink of going back to sleep 10 minutes after my alarm went off.  The only thing which dragged me out of bed was the thought that if I crossed my fingers and the soft whimpers of a baby were allowed to die down (instead of addressing the wet diaper that was probably causing her minor annoyance), I’d still likely end up with less time to myself before it woke up her up again – later and for good.  So I rolled out of bed.

Retrospectively, I can see now that I wasn’t actually needing more sleep like I’d told myself after turning off the alarm.  It was downright laziness, and the only thing I’d responded to was a promise of more quiet time to get some things done… a sort of self-serving reason for getting up.  I don’t feel entirely bad about it, because, well, a mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do.  But let’s be honest, it’s not like I woke up at 6:30 am today and jumped out of bed like a big girl should.

This laziness is probably going to be the biggest hurdle I come up against, and I’m hoping that by calling it out, it will help me face and address it.  Perhaps, like the monster in the closet which in the light shows itself merely as the improperly hung coat, being able to recognize laziness for what it is at the time will be the next step in overcoming it.

The truth is, with seven hours of sleep, I’m fine.  Perhaps due to the vitamins, or even just a better schedule, the bouts of mid-night insomnia have lessened as well, so I really shouldn’t even be hitting the snooze.

Old habits die hard, don’t they?  I think now, after having addressed some physical limitations, I’m in a spot to knock down the mental roadblocks that have set up shop!

Tell me, what do you do when you get the urge to hit the snooze?  Or are you way past that already?

3 thoughts on “Calling Out Your Inner Sloth

  1. Ash says:

    I hate the sound of an alarm… my husband sets his daily alarm (or any for that matter) waaay before he needs to get up! He says it’s so he can purposefully hit his snooze button! He calls them little morning naps. I hear an alarm and I’m awake. So the idea behind hitting snooze has never been something I’ve struggled with – getting out bed sometimes…. yes! Lol


    • Gen says:

      I hear you! To me the snooze button was always a procrastination tool; Josh actually plans it into his day! It still baffles me that he purposefully interrupts his last precious hour of sleep! He claims there is a little thrill in going back to sleep and that it’s not actually time to get up yet… until it IS! 😀


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